How Betting Pros Manage Their Money


Sports betting is one of those things that can be a lot fun and can be great when you are winning. The problem is that you don’t always win and those down times can be really depressing. The solution to all of that is to have a money management system in place that makes all of your betting money expendable. That means that if you lose it all, you will still be able to put food on the table and pay the mortgage. The best part is that if you win, then it is all profit.

The best way to start off your money management system is to find an amount that you can bet which is not part of your essential household funds. Do not go into your bill money and do not go into your family savings account. Set aside a little each week until you have the bankroll that you want to get started. Keep all of your gambling funds separate from your house funds. If you run out of gambling money, then work some overtime to fill your gambling account back up.

The worst temptation that gamblers get is to think that they can make that one big score and get back to even again. If you were never down in the first place, then you won’t need to get even. Using extra cash that you made on your own will prevent you from losing money you cannot afford to lose and will also keep everyone else in your house happy.

Always gamble with cash. You can get a debit card that pulls money from your bank account for your online gambling, but that account should only be based on the cash you have available to bet. Betting with credit is a bad idea because of the interest. After a few years, you wind up paying more in interest charges than you had originally spent on betting. It is not a good financial move to bet with credit.

When you start accounts for your online betting, you should start two accounts. The first account is the account that you put your initial start-up funds into. The other account is where you put your winnings. The ideal situation is to have so much in winnings that you can just pull money from there to add even more to your account. But if the winnings account is empty, then you will need to raise more betting capital.

Set a limit for yourself each time you set out to gamble. If you have $1,000 in your betting bank account, then decide that you are only going to bet $500 of it so you can preserve $500 for another day. If you win $1,100 with your efforts, then put that into your winnings account and leave it. If you bet the other $500 and lose it the next day, then you can decide how much of your $1,100 in winnings you want to move over to your betting account.

It takes will power to stick to a betting money management program. But once it gets rolling, you will see how it can help you to have fun and make money gambling without going deep into debt.